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Graduating from Honors

The Honors four-year curriculum satisfies WSU's graduation requirements and represents one-fourth to one-third of your undergraduate program.

Honors provides a breadth of knowledge and skills in global cultural competency, critical thinking, communication, independent research, and teamwork. Honors partners closely with the college of your major to help assure that your academic goals are met.

To graduate from Honors if you started in the Honors College before Fall 2008 ...

  • A minimum 3.2 GPA must be maintained.
  • 14 graded credits must be completed from the Honors curriculum including courses in English, social sciences, science, Honors Seminar, upper-division Honors courses, and the Honors Thesis project.

To graduate from Honors if you started in the Honors  College in or after Fall 2008 ...

  • a minimum 3.2 GPA must be maintained
  • a minimum of 15 graded Honors credits in Honors College courses in social science, arts and humanities, and interdisciplinary science are required, plus the Honors Thesis
  • you must demonstrate an intermediate level of competency in a foreign language, as evaluated through the STAMP test.

Note: Students graduating from the Honors College may also be eligible to graduate with honors from WSU, as can students who are not part of the Honors College. Graduating with honors from WSU signifies recognition for selected baccalaureate degree candidates, as detailed in Section 137 of "Our Academic Regulations" of the WSU Office of the Registrar.

Graduating with Honors from WSU (Section 137 of "Our Academic Regulations" of the WSU Office of the Registrar)

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