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Support for Honors Students

Providing Honors College students with an excellent academic experience is a high priority for many alumni, friends, and programs. Their support through scholarships from the Honors College, awards from WSU, and more from several national and international organizations has a positive impact on the lives and futures of many Honors students each year.

Honors College Scholarships

Applications are open for honors college students seeking awards for 2016. The deadline for students studying abroad spring or summer 2016 is midnight on Jan. 24, 2016. For all other students, including education abroad for fall 2016 or spring 2017, the deadline is midnight on January 31, 2016. 

Many alumni and friends are dedicated to helping current students and have created Honors College awards for Honors students who are in good standing in the program.

Information about Honors scholarships is a must-read before applying. A detailed application for Honors College Scholarships is available online. Please note the application deadline--it may change from year to year.

You must complete a WSU Scholarship Application to be considered for those awards granted by Honors. This is also the procedure you must follow to receive separate scholarships and aid from WSU. You should consider filling out the FAFSA.

The WSU Education Abroad Endowment was created by Honors alumna Carolyn Ofstad and George Hubman for study abroad. Applications for this award are made through WSU International Programs - Global Learning.

Distinguished Scholarships

Several highly competitive national grants, fellowships, and awards are available. Preparing to apply for these prestigious awards begins early in your baccalaureate program. Several Honors College students and graduates have received support from awards that help fund undergraduate and graduate pursuits.

See distinguished scholarships expert Robin Bond in the Honors College office, first floor Honors Hall, for more information, or send an email to rsbond@wsu.edu.