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Student Support, Faculty Enrichment

The Honors College remains focused on developing tomorrow’s global leaders. Honors is seeking support for its students, faculty, and staff through the following two initiatives.

Scholarships for Students

Private funding helps us to support WSU’s high-achieving scholars in the Honors College. As the general cost of a college education continues to rise, scholarship support is becoming ever more critical to reach a broad and diverse set of students and provide them with opportunities for excellence.

Scholarships come in many forms and sizes. The Honors College seeks support in five categories …

  • Scholarships for incoming freshmen will offset continually increasing tuition costs and help the college compete for top students who are being recruited to other excellence programs throughout the country
  • Merit scholarships recognize exceptional students for their high abilities and accomplishments
  • Financial need awards and scholarships for diverse students help many of our brightest and most gifted students realize their full potential as they move beyond financial and cultural barriers
  • Study abroad scholarships, including foreign language immersion programs, develop cultural awareness and competencies, giving Honors students a leading edge as they compete for jobs in a globally prepared workforce
  • Undergraduate research and travel support provide students with opportunities to travel to national and international venues to conduct and disseminate research, participate in internships, and build a network of peers and mentors.

Faculty Enrichment

Faculty in the Honors College are themselves life-long learners who share their knowledge and experiences with eager students in their classrooms. By funding a number of small grants, these excellent teachers will directly influence the academic quality and experiences of all Honors students.

Faculty enrichment grants could help to support …

  • Research locally and abroad, and these intensive study and learning experiences will enhance the global teaching and learning mission of the college; participants will share their international experiences with students, colleagues, and the university community.
  • Professional conference opportunities in their field, encouraging Honors faculty members to attend presentations by contemporary thought leaders as well as make impactful presentations of their own. These will also extend the outreach of the WSU Honors College to many national and international organizations.
  • Lectureships, enabling the Honors College to invite world-class lecturers for presentations and seminars that engage students and faculty personally on topics of national and global significance.
  • Distinguished professorship(s), awarded to recognize an exceptional faculty member from any field who teaches in Honors. A role model, this professor will specially engage in the activities of the college and contribute to the breadth and depth of the curriculum with its global focus.

Need information, or have a question?

Please contact:
Linda Infranco, Director of Development
PO Box 64164-2012
Pullman, WA 99164-2102

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