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Honors Student Profiles:
Daniel Goto

daniel-gotoDaniel Goto is a freshman in the Honors College studying Electrical Engineering. Daniel grew up in Sammamish, WA, and graduated from Tesla STEM High School in Redmond. With the support of the Voiland College of Engineering and the Honors College, Daniel is creating an awesome college experience.
Daniel knew he wanted to get involved in research as soon as he could, and he made that happen. He contacted Dr. Arda Gozen and started researching with the flexible sensor team only a month after Daniel started at WSU. His role within the team is to figure out the best way to use a microcontroller to record data from a flexible sensor and send it to a computer using a radiofrequency (RF) chip. Daniel is working to increase the accuracy and speed of the microcontroller and the RF chip. As Daniel said, he is “pushing the boundaries of what it can do.”

Working with microcontrollers at WSU is a natural next step for Daniel, as he worked with them in high school. To help his teacher improve engineering curriculum, Daniel used a microcontroller and programming skills to build a remote-controlled unit that would release cameras from a 100-foot high weather balloon. Daniel also completed an internship with Glacier River, a small microcontroller company.

Outside of research and classes, Daniel is also a part of the Palouse RoboSub Club, a team that builds robotic submarines. Utilizing his skills in electrical engineering, Daniel is managing the power control – an on/off switch isn’t so simple when water is involved. He makes sure the computer turns on first, then the thruster, and that each system gets power safely. Daniel also has to ensure there is a safe way to shut off power quickly if they need to, which is especially important and complicated by the water.

Outside of engineering, Daniel has also enjoyed being involved in the Honors Student Advisory Council (HSAC), which is a student organization that hosts events for students in the Honors College. Daniel is also really glad he chose to take Honors 198, an optional course for first-year students in the Honors College. He said he has learned really valuable information that has helped him register for classes, plan his courses beyond this year, think about going abroad and get excited for his future. For example, Daniel was thrilled to know he could satisfy Honors coursework while studying abroad. He is also looking into distinguished scholarships that could fund study and research abroad in engineering.

Daniel Goto is a great example to show that Honors College students can and do pursue their interests and take advantage of opportunities shortly after they arrive at WSU. We’re so glad Daniel chose to join the Honors Cougar Family!

If you’d like to connect with Daniel, send an email to and indicate that you’d like to connect with him.