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Summer 2018 Faculty-led Experiences

Honors College students have several amazing international opportunities for faculty-led study abroad experiences in summer 2018.

ClocktowerFaculty-led trip Modern and Roman England

Liverpool, Chester, Shrewsbury, York, Stonehenge, London

Dates: June 17 – July 1, 2018
Credits: HNRS 380 or HNRS 370 (3 credits)
Faculty member: Kim Andersen

Information meeting: Monday, December 4, 2017, 12:10-1 p.m. in the Honors Hall Library

The Roman Empire has been of essential importance to western civilization and not least to the development of England/Britain/the U.K. From the 1st century B.C. to the 5th century A.D. England was occupied by the Romans who transformed the land according to the principles and organization of their Roman culture. Why did they leave? The centuries following the departure of the Romans have been called ‘The Dark Ages.’ But were they really? Currently Europe is undergoing profound structural changes evident in the British decision to leave the European Union and in the migration of peoples. In this program we will investigate the British Roman past and its remnants in modern England.

We will spend a week at the University of Liverpool with lectures and excursions to Hadrian’s Wall and York among other places. We’ll spend two days in the ancient town of Shrewsbury and four days in London. Join us for this comprehensive experience of England with plenty of time to shop and explore on your own. Get to know exciting Liverpool and the wonderful English countryside! Earn 3 credits of Honors 380 or 370!

For more information about cost and course requirements
Visit this listing on the International Programs website
Contact Professor Kim Andersen, Honors Hall 130D
(509) 335-7694

GermanyFaculty-Led Germany: “Join Us” in Germany


Dates: May 23-June 8, 2018
Credits: German 120 or Honors 380 (3 credits)
Faculty Member: Joshua Bonzo

Berlin – the divided and reunited city.

27 years after the historic fall of the Berlin wall, world cultures are still talking about and remembering ‘that day’ in 1989. Now is your chance to experience it all first-hand! Walk the line where the wall stood, stand under the Brandenburg Gate, where thousands once joined in celebrating unity and freedom. See for yourself a city that still echoes the past in art, architecture, and culture…

In addition, program participants will walk a portion of the famed Monday demonstration march in Leipzig.

“Join us” was the chant voiced by more than 70,000 demonstrators in 1989 in a peaceful march that resulted in the fall of the communist regime in East Germany, and Join us in Germany is our invitation to WSU students today.

Learn the beginnings of the German culture where it all started!

For more information about cost and course requirements
Visit this listing on the International Programs website
Contact Professor Joshua Bonzo
(509) 335-6649, Joshua Bonzo

Russia, Moscow St. BasilsFaculty-Led Russia: A Tale of Two Capital Cities

Moscow, Russia; St. Petersburg, Russia

Dates: May 8 – May 21, 2018
Credits: HNRS 370 or HNRS 430 (3 credits)
Faculty member: Sergey Lapin

Learn about Russian culture and history and get first-hand experience of contemporary life in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Compare and contrast two of the most famous Russian capital cities. Visit Moscow Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral. Enjoy 1000 years of Russian Art at The State Tretyakov Gallery and visit Museum-Estate of Lev Tolstoy.

In St. Petersburg take a city tour by bus and visit the Hermitage, formerly the imperial residence and currently a world famous art museum. Take a day trip to majestic Peterhof.

Enjoy the perfect balance of guide assistance and group activity with ample freedom for independent exploration.

For more information about cost and course requirements
Visit this listing on the International Programs website
Contact Professor Sergey Lapin
509-335-3141 Sergey Lapin

IrelandFaculty-Led Ireland: Exploring the History, Culture and Environment of Ireland

Derry, United Kingdom; Dublin, Ireland; Inch, Ireland; Listowel, Ireland

Dates: May 8 – 21, 2018
Credits: HNRS 370, NATRS 312, or HNRS 430 (3 credits)
Faculty member: Matthew Carroll

One island, two countries: contemporary Ireland, north and south, has sustained and developed its rich and highly textured culture in spite of numerous invasions, waves of immigration, and centuries of war and deforestation. Despite (or perhaps because of) its often traumatic history, this beautiful island has a world famous reputation for hospitality and a remarkable willingness to share its history, culture and environment with all who come to its shores. Our course provides a window into Irish history, literature and culture, discovering how the different histories of the north and the south have affected the development and contemporary expression of music, literature, arts and the management of its world renowned landscapes and environment. We will spend time in 3 places on the island, one near the border of the North and South, another being Dublin, and the third County Kerry in the West of Ireland.

For more information about cost and course requirements
Visit this listing on the International Programs website
Contact Professor Matthew Carroll
(509) 335-2235

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