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Summer 2019 Faculty-led Experiences

Honors College students have several amazing international opportunities for faculty-led study abroad experiences in summer 2019.

Linggu TempleFaculty-led trip: Discover China!

Nanjing: Ancient Capital, Modern City

Dates: May 24 – June 7, 2019
Credits: Earn 3 credits of Honors requirements Honors 370 or Honors 430, which may be used as a substitution for Honors 380 or Honors 390
Faculty member: M. Grant Norton

Information meetings in Honors Lounge:
Tuesday, October 23, noon – 1 p.m.
Thursday, November 1, noon – 1 p.m.

Stay on the campus of Southeast University, one of the oldest universities in China. Visit the Nanjing Museum, learn about the history of Jiangsu Province and see treasures from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Visit the Imperial Tombs of the Ming Dynasty, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, and experience the beauty of the Purple Mountain. Explore the city of Nanjing, learn about the history of silk making and porcelain manufacture, and walk along the historic 600 year-old city wall. View the full announcement with itinerary >>

Contact Professor M. Grant Norton, Honors Hall 130
(509) 335-4505

Traditional Viking boat on an alpine lakeFaculty-led Scandinavia: Viking Past & Present

Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen, Roskilde, Stockholm

Dates: June 16 – July 1, 2019
Credits: Earn 3 credits of Honors requirements HONORS 380 or HONORS 370. (You need not have completed 280 or 270 to participate).
Faculty member: Kim Andersen

The 8th- 11th centuries constitute the roughly 300 years historians have termed ‘the Viking Age.’ During this time the peoples of Scandinavia put their cultural imprint on Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Since those early days of Vikings, Scandinavia has developed into modern Western European nations of high living standards, universal healthcare, and a vibrant social and arts scene. In particular, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are characterized by a highly social and academic consciousness of their common cultural, Viking past and beyond to ancient times. Along with first-hand experiences of contemporary life in the three nations, we will search for remnants of ancient Norse cultures (before and after the Viking age) in museums and sights with the purpose of making connections between present and the past to form a holistic understanding only possible when venturing beyond textbooks. We will arrive in Oslo, sail to Copenhagen, and travel by train to Stockholm. Stay in hostels and hotels. Course requirements include preparatory meetings during spring semester to conduct research, a travel journal, and a post-travel research paper examining the confluence of Scandinavian art and culture.

Required readings include:
An up-to-date guide to Scandinavia, e.g. The Rough Guide to Scandinavia; Frommer’s Scandinavia, by Darwin Porter, et al;, or Lonely Planet Scandinavian Europe by Graeme Cornwallis, et al. Other texts handled by the instructor.

For more information about cost and course requirements
Visit this listing on the International Programs website
Contact Professor Kim Andersen, Honors Hall 130D
(509) 335-7694

Visit IrelandFaculty-Led Ireland: Exploring the History, Culture and Environment of Ireland

Derry, Dublin, Inch, Listowel

Dates: May 7 – 21, 2019
Credits: Earn 3 credits of HNRS 370 or SOE 312
Faculty member: Matthew Carroll

One island, two countries: contemporary Ireland, north and south, has sustained and developed its rich and highly textured culture in spite of numerous invasions, waves of immigration, and centuries of war and deforestation. Despite (or perhaps because of) it’s often traumatic history, this beautiful island has a world famous reputation for hospitality and a remarkable willingness to share its history, culture and environment with all who come to its shores. Our course provides a window into Irish history, literature and culture, discovering how the different histories of the north and the south have affected the development and contemporary expression of music, literature, arts and the management of its world renowned landscapes and environment.  We will spend time in three places on the island, one near the border of the North and South, another being Dublin, and the third County Kerry in the West of Ireland.

For more information about cost and course requirements
Visit this listing on the International Programs website
Contact Professor Matthew Carroll
(509) 335-2235

Berlin Cathedral.Faculty-Led Trip: Discover Germany!


Dates: May 22 – June 6, 2019
Credits: Earn 3 credits of German 120 [HUM], HNRS 380 or HRNS 430
Faculty member: Karen Jennings

30 years after the historic fall of the Berlin wall, world cultures are still talking about and remembering ‘that day’ in 1989.  Now is your chance to experience it all first-hand!  Walk the line where the wall stood, stand under the Brandenburg Gate, where thousands once joined in celebrating unity and freedom.  See for yourself a city that still echoes the past in art, architecture, and culture…

In addition, program participants will walk a portion of the famed Monday demonstration march in Leipzig.

“Join us” was the chant voiced by more than 70,000 demonstrators in 1989 in a peaceful march that resulted in the fall of the communist regime in East Germany, and Join us in Germany is our invitation to WSU students today.

Learn the beginnings of the German culture where it all started!

For more information about cost and course requirements
Visit this listing on the International Programs website

Karen Jennings,
Faculty Director
(509) 335-8811

Joshua Bonzo,
Logistics Coordinator