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Achieving Excellence in the Major and in Honors

Honors College undergraduates understand the importance of becoming citizens of the world. They engage in multiple leadership opportunities, pursue research projects that result in a thesis or creative project, and often participate in an international educational experience. Their Honors curriculum emphasizes skills that help them achieve excellence, both within their major as well as their Honors coursework.
We invite Honors College students to commit to each of the following “Learning Goals and Outcomes” as they pursue higher education at WSU.

Critical and Creative Thinking

You will demonstrate your ability to think critically and creatively by checking assumptions in your work and in the work of others. You will learn to listen effectively and consider multiple perspectives.


You will write and speak effectively using appropriate oral, written, and visual means for each audience. You will become proficient in a second spoken language.

Information Literacy

You will learn to use multiple databases in the WSU Libraries system and critically evaluate the information you access to complete projects, reports, and presentations.

Scientific Literacy

You will develop a basic understanding of major scientific concepts that relate to important international topics.

Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning

You will apply quantitative tools to solve problems and use symbolic representations to explain and draw conclusions.

Cultural Competency

You will gain an appreciation of other cultures and value systems, and learn how your own values shape your inquiry and actions.

Integration of Knowledge

You will complete a capstone project using the appropriate methodology and theoretical framework that will include design, synthesis, and interdisciplinary research.