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Honors Scholarships

Requirements for a WSU Honors Scholarship

The WSU Honors College has a finite amount of scholarship award money to distribute. Some scholarships are based on merit while others are based on financial need; in addition, many have specific criteria, such as the requirement that the funds be used for study- or research-abroad or to pursue a specific major.

  • Each of our scholarship awards require that you be a current WSU Honors College student in good standing.
  • Incoming freshman for the fall of 2017 need not apply through this application. Freshman awards are granted through a different process.
  • If you are applying for scholarships based on financial need, please be aware that we base our determination of need on WSU’s determination of need which is driven by the FAFSA (see
  • Information about general WSU scholarships can also be found on the Student Financial Services website (see

Applications for scholarships are currently closed.

Check back July 2017 for spring 2018 study abroad scholarship opportunities.

*The deadline for spring 2018 study abroad scholarships is September 2017

For more information, contact: Deb Howe.

Student: Nam Nguyen
Home Town: Kent, Washington
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemistry and International Business
Scholarship: Honors College Education Abroad Scholarship

“While studying abroad, I am gaining a full sense of cultural differences and seeing how people in various countries look at the world. I also have the chance to experience many educational systems that will improve my learning pathway in the future.”

Photo of Nam is taken in Derry, Ireland during a Summer 2016 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program, Exploring the History, Culture and Environment of Ireland, Honors 370