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Honors Scholarships

Providing students with an excellent college experience is a high priority for alumni, friends, and organizations associated with the WSU Honors College. Scholarship support from the university and national and international organizations has a positive lifelong impact on Honors College students each year.

Scholarships through the Honors College can help with

  • Experiential learning
    • Study and research abroad
    • Research at WSU
    • Presentations at conferences and research competitions
    • internship opportunities
  • Tuition and fees
  • Housing – Through a private gift, a housing award is provided each year to two Honors College students in any area of study, and two students who are in the Honors and Business Innovation and Leadership Experience (HABILE)
  • Other costs of attendance

Scholarships through the Honors College may be based on

  • Merit
  • Participation in special programs such as the Business Innovation and Leadership Experience and Honors Leadership Programs
  • Academic interests/areas of study
  • Planned experiential learning
  • Financial need, based on WSU’s determination of need, which is driven by the FAFSA

In addition to scholarships awarded through the Honors College

  • Students should complete the WSU Scholarship Application, which is a requirement to be eligible for Honors College scholarships.
  • Students should complete and submit the FAFSA or WAFSA.
  • There are many scholarships available through other departments, colleges, and programs at WSU.
  • Students can apply to nationally competitive distinguished scholarships and programs.