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Certificate of Global Competencies

We live in a 24/7 world where commerce and politics bridge time zones and different cultures, where pandemics have no national borders, and information races around the world in an instant. Earning a Certificate of Global Competencies from the Honors College at WSU helps to affirm your cross-cultural knowledge.

The Honors College Certificate of Global Competencies is an elective certificate for Honors students to enhance the student’s preparation for the global environment of commerce, creativity, and scholarship. The Certificate provides both practical and theoretical understanding of the international world and shows employers and graduate programs that you have worked diligently during your undergraduate education to become an informed citizen, critically aware of international perspectives, as well as being capable of engaging the international world in your chosen field.

The certificate consists of 15 graded course credits in addition to the Honors Thesis. Your Honors Thesis must substantially incorporate an international perspective. The 15 graded credits may be composed in several ways (meet with an Honors advisor to plan your coursework). The Certificate entails requirements in the following areas:

  • Foreign language competence: 3-6 graded credits at the 204 level or higher.
  • Education abroad coursework: 6-9 graded credits of coursework from one term abroad or longer in an approved program. (A limit of 6 credits may count for Honors requirements; a 3rd course completed abroad may count as the Honors 430 requirement).
  • Honors 430 coursework and presentation (3-6 credits, graded). May be completed through coursework abroad OR at WSU. (A 3-credit WSU course approved by the Honors College may count as the Honors 430 requirement.) Honors 430 includes an oral presentation scheduled at the Honors College during the first semester following the completion of Honors 430. The presentation should be a PowerPoint presentation, approximately 20 minutes in length, which addresses a particular international topic related to the Honors 430 coursework. In addition, the presentation should offer a synthesis/personal reflection of your educational experience of earning the certificate, i.e., a response to the question, “How did your experiences abroad and your coursework for the certificate enhance your Honors education at WSU?” The Honors 430 presentation is separate from the Honors Thesis presentation.
  • Honors Thesis (Honors 450, 3 credits, S/F). Your Honors Thesis must incorporate an international perspective significantly developed in the thesis. See an Honors advisor for approval of the international component.

Meet with an Honors advisor during your freshman or sophomore year to get a head start completing the requirements for the Certificate of Global Competencies. Juniors and seniors may still qualify for the Certificate and should also see an Honors advisor to outline their options for completing the Certificate.


  • Angie Bertramson (’07)
  • Janeen Heath (’07)
  • Emily Marsh (’07)
  • Rachel Neff (’07)
  • Jordan Bush (’07)
  • Jennifer Ellis (’08)
  • Kathleen Warren (’09)
  • Stephanie Pitts (’09)
  • Walter Schlect (’10)
  • Katherine Rempe (’10)
  • Stephanie Schendel (’10)
  • Jakob Brandvold (’10)
  • Sara Hein (’10)
  • Tim Krautkraemer (’10)
  • Leah Rosenkranz (’11)
  • Tim Krautkraemer (’11)
  • Katherine Remp (’11)
  • Eva Denka (’12)
  • Jacob Brandvold (’12)
  • Julie Wedam (’12)
  • Jessica Lynch (’12)
  • Kristin Jones (’12)
  • Michael Gaffke (’12)
  • Erin Peterson (’12)
  • Kaylee Ray (’12)
  • Mikko McFeely (’13)
  • Erin Nicolai (’13)
  • Tiffany Wilks (’14)
  • Devon Seymour (’14)
  • Carmen Kroschel (’14)
  • Amber Gale (’15)
  • Travis King (’15)
  • Calen Olesen (’15)
  • Kristen Wedam (’15)
  • Athena Lemon (’15)
  • Meghan Nyquist (’15)
  • Philip Behrend (’15)

Jeanine Heath

Janeen Heath (’07) was among the first four graduates receiving Honors’ initial Certificates of Global Competencies in spring 2007.