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Washington State University

Honors College and College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The partnership between the Honors College and College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers students an expedited pathway to meaningful careers in health care and health sciences.

Indicating an interest in pharmacy or pre-pharmacy in Honors will help you benefit from a community of students with similar interests, and experiences that will expand your understanding of health care and pharmacy. You will be invited to:

    • Connect with alumni holding leadership positions in various industries including hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical companies, and tech start-ups among many other types of businesses.
    • Participate in our Career Seminar Series on the WSU Spokane campus where pharmacy professionals share their journey from pharmacy school to a thriving career.
    • Meet with faculty specializing in an array of research from pharmacy practice to drug development research.
    • Learn about different types of pharmacy careers and how they can be customized to fit your interest.

How to Apply:

Find out what pathway works best for you:
Plan Ahead Tool

Meet Joanna Redmon: An example of how one student’s experience with a disease inspired her to help others.