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Honors students study abroad.

Their community service extended all the way to New Orleans to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

Ice cream socials, BBQs, teas, and film series evenings bring them together.

What is the Honors College?

The Honors College is a unique entity at WSU that offers a liberal arts education within the larger research environment of the university. The Honors program and professors deliver a rigorous academic experience that can open doors to the most prestigious graduate and professional programs and careers nationwide. Honors requirements meet the general requirements for graduation and take about the same amount of time to complete. (top)

What are Honors College students like?

They are high-achieving scholars from many backgrounds and ethnicities who enjoy new ideas and challenges. They have fun with their classmates and professors, and debate new ideas. They think critically and communicate well in oral and written presentations. They want to make an impact on their global as well as their local, state, and national communities. They are PAC-12 athletes, leaders in clubs and organizations, teammates on projects, and mentors to other students. (top)

Is there a grade point requirement to be an Honors student?

Honors students must maintain a 3.2 cumulative GPA.  (top)

Is the Honors College available only to certain majors?

Incoming freshmen, current WSU students, transfer students, and international students — from every major — are eligible to be in the Honors College. There are engineers and scientists as well as musicians and creative writers. Honors advisors work closely with academic advisors in every academic college so students stay on track to meet requirements in a timely, successful manner. (top)

I have already earned credits toward a college degree. Will these be accepted by the Honors College?

WSU accepts Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Running Start credits for courses completed in high school when they are approved by the WSU Admissions Office.  The Honors College gives credit for science and math for certain majors. (top)

Does it cost more to be in the Honors College?

There is no additional cost involved with being in the Honors College. (top)

I’m interested in studying abroad during my college years. Can I do that and still be in the Honors College?

Definitely! In fact, about 30 percent of all Honors College students study abroad at least once during their baccalaureate program. Honors offers faculty-led programs each summer, and works closely with WSU’s International Programs office to find great opportunities around the globe for every interested student. (top)

Do I have to do a thesis project to graduate?

All Honors students have the opportunity to research an academic question of importance to them, write up their analysis and conclusions, and orally present their work to Honors College faculty members. (top)

Many research and communication skills are developed in the thesis project–valuable assets whether the student plans on going to graduate school or entering the working world. Theses showcase academic work, interests, and talents. They allow students to work closely with a world-class faculty member. Many alumni report that their thesis project was one of the most valuable undergraduate experiences at college. (top)

How is my Honors work acknowledged at graduation?

Graduation through the Honors College will be noted on your final transcript and can be a deciding factor in future employment or graduate school opportunities. Graduating Honors seniors and their families are invited to special ceremonies at commencement. Special awards for outstanding achievements are awarded there. (top)

Will I live in Honors (Residence) Hall?

Many of the students in Honors Hall are in the Honors College program. WSU requires all freshmen to live in an approved residence life arrangement on campus. Residence hall assignments are made on a “first come, first served” basis. The sooner you apply to the university and return your residence hall request form to WSU, the better your chances of being selected to live in Honors Hall. (top)

Is foreign language study required?

No, however, the Honors College promotes developing a strong global cultural competency and requires demonstrated proficiency in a second language in order to graduate. Many incoming students are able to do this without taking a foreign language class at WSU. Developing proficiency in a language in addition to English is key to success, regardless of your post-baccalaureate plans. WSU offers a wide variety of languages, and many students choose one that will be helpful in their future studies and career. It is worth noting that often, students who have already demonstrated proficiency in one language, will take courses in another language. (top)

I’m already a college student. Can I still apply to Honors?

Although the typical Honors College student enters directly from high school, applications are also accepted from current college students. The Honors College curriculum is one avenue to complete the general requirements for graduation, so students who have completed most of their GERs — typically juniors — may decide it is not in their best interest to apply to Honors. Those considering Honors should discuss their options with an Honors advisor. (top)