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Honors Student Advisory Council (HSAC)

This WSU Registered Student Organization (RSO) is for students in the Honors College. HSAC aims to build a sense of community among students as well as organize various academic, service, and philanthropic events each semester. All students are welcome to attend the meetings held every Monday at 8 p.m. in the Honors Lounge.

What is HSAC?

Group photo of HSAC members

HSAC stands for the Honors Student Advisory Council. As such, we’re here to work with both the WSU Honors College faculty and staff, and its students to support the Honors College experience. To that end, we have a few goals:

  • Create and strengthen relations between honors students, faculty, and staff
  • Foster a sense of community within the Honors College
  • Support Honors students academically and socially

What does HSAC do?

HSAC plans many events over the course of the school year, from our Yule Ball in December to our spring Distinguished Lecturer. These events are a great place to get to know your fellow Honors College students and meet faculty.

Who is in HSAC?

Any student in the WSU Honors College is welcome to attend our meetings and events.

How do I get involved?

We’d love to have you on board! You can get in touch with us through the contact form on the side bar, or you can come to our weekly meetings in the honors lounge at 7 pm on Mondays.

Your HSAC Officers

Contact HSAC

Paige DanielsonPaige Danielson

Major: Electrical Engineering
Year: Senior
Position: President
What’s your favorite part of HSAC?
The opportunity to meet and work closely with a variety of different people in different years in school and majors. We have such a fun little community!
What’s your favorite part of meetings?
I really enjoy how everyone offers input at our meetings! Whether it is someone’s second meeting or their second to last meeting or anywhere in between, everyone’s ideas are heard and discussed which makes for a fun environment!
What is something you gained through participation in HSAC?
I’m much more comfortable talking to people and groups of people. I’ve had great opportunities to work with many people and I’m always learning how to be better at communication.
Fun Fact:
Besides currently being on the rowing team at WSU, I used to compete competitively in triathlon including doing some junior elite races and being the Minnesota Junior Triathlete of the Year.

Natalie SanchezNatalie Sanchez

Major: Biochemistry/biophysics
Year: Junior
Position: Vice President
What’s your favorite part of HSAC?
I like helping to plan all the different events we do. It’s nice to know about them beforehand and I like to help think of ideas that will make them even better. It is nice to have a voice in how these events are run and to be able to see them develop from start to finish.
What’s your favorite HSAC event and why?
My favorite HSAC event is Yule Ball because it is a lot of fun (to plan, to shop for, to decorate for, and to go to) and so many people come to it and enjoy it.
What is something you gained through participation in HSAC?
Being a member of HSAC has helped me be more involved in the Honors College Community. I’ve made friends and gotten to know a lot of people in the Honors College through HSAC.
Fun Fact:
I breed and raise Silver Marten Rabbits. I haven’t been able to have any of my rabbits with me in Pullman for the past two years, but this year I will have a breeding trio!

Claire SeverinClaire Severin

Major: Civil Engineering, Emphasis/Minors (if wanted): Water Resources/Infrastructure and Mathematics
Year: Junior, 3rd year
Position: Secretary
Favorite HSAC Event: I really enjoy attending the Fall Semester activities like the Kamiak Butte hike and apple picking at Bishop Orchards. It’s a great way to meet new people and discover fun things to do on the Palouse!
Favorite Part of Meetings: I love being able to go to the meetings to see friends and meet with new students. As cheesy as it sounds, we become a family over the semester and it definitely helps with the transition into college life.
Something Gained from HSAC: Friends. Being in HSAC provides a friendly environment where you can meet other Honors College students in different majors. It’s really cool to be able to take classes and recognize classmates from clubs, making HSAC a prime place to meet those future classmates.
Fun Fact: When I was a child, I used to dig canals, construct earthen dams, and assemble bridges and buildings from sticks in order to make little cities for Playmobil figures.

Alida MelseAlida Melse

Major: Genetics and Cell Biology
Year: Junior
Position: Treasurer
What’s your favorite HSAC event and why?
The Yule Ball! Yuletide spirit abounds and learning to swing dance is fun
What’s your favorite part of meetings?
Eating the leftover ice cream and cookies and donuts and yogurt from events…
What is something you gained through participation in HSAC?
Becoming more connected to the Honors College
Fun Fact:
Unicycle riding abilities!

Sue YuSue Yu

Major: Neuroscience/pre-med
Year: Junior
Position: Marketing Chair
What’s your favorite part of HSAC?
My favorite part of HSAC is that I get to be involved with events where I can connect Honors student and professors.
What’s your funniest HSAC memory?
When we were trying to serve ice cream for the Mentor meeting and ice cream was so hard that it broke one of the ice cream scoops.
What is something you gained through participation in HSAC?
I know how to make flyers and be more creative.
Fun Fact:
I never had any pets except five snails that were size of an egg.

Cassidy PeruCassidy Peru

Major: Biochemistry & Genetics
Year: Sophomore
Position: Retention and Recruitment Chair
What’s your favorite HSAC event and why?
I think my favorite HSAC event was Yule Ball, which is held every December. It is a formal event, but it is fun. There is food, music, dancing, and the opportunity to hang out with friends. I particularly like it because HSAC members have the ability to go out and dance as well as set up the event.
What’s your funniest HSAC memory?
I currently can’t think of a specific example of a really funny memory, besides the fact that we have discussed how to properly pronounce the word “bagel”. Is it pronounced “bay-gle” like the word bay, or is it “bag-le” like a plastic bag? The world may never know.
What is something you gained through participation in HSAC?
Something that I think everyone gains while in HSAC, including myself, is a large group of friends. Whether it be through jokes at meeting, working together at events, or hanging out outside of the club, by the end of the year, most likely you will consider everyone in HSAC a friend. And I just find that to be really awesome.
Fun Fact:
I really like puns and alliterations.

Libby AllenLibby Allen

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Position: Webmaster
What is your favorite HSAC event, and why?
I loved our tea with the professor because you get to meet Honors faculty and just chat. It’s not like anything you could get in a classroom. Last fall we had it with Jessica Casselman, who has a background in international business. She has some amazing stories to tell!
What is your funniest HSAC memory?
We had elections at the end of first semester, and somehow, we got a couple questions that all the candidates got asked: who is your favorite superhero, and if you could fill up the lounge with any animal, what would it be, and why. Then when we had more elections in spring, it kept going!
What is something you gained through participation in HSAC?
I got very involved with the Honors College thanks to HSAC. Over the course of the year, I went to most of the events held through Honors, and got to help with lots of them! From the Yule Ball to the Distinguished Lecturer, I got to meet so many people and make great friends.
Fun Fact:
I’ve stood in three countries at once.

Sillhuette Historian

It could be you!
We will be electing our new historian at the beginning of the fall semester. The historian takes pictures at events and manages HSAC’s archive of pictures. This is a great way for incoming HSAC members to get involved. If you’re interested in the position, we will be going into more detail in meetings at the beginning of the year.