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Washington State University

Student Awards and Recognition

Students in the Honors College receive recognition from the Honors College, WSU, and many other organizations. While many of our students receive recognition for their accomplishments during and after their undergraduate studies, it is what our students do during their Honors College experience and their lives that sets them apart!

Recognition Given by the Honors College

  • The Dean’s Award: announced at Honors College commencement
  • The S. Town Stephenson Award: announced at Honors College commencement
  • Honors College commencement takes place the Friday evening before WSU’s winter and spring commencement ceremonies. During Honors College commencement, students receive a folder for their Honors College Certificate of Completion, which is issued following student graduation. Students also have an Honors College designation on their transcript.
  • Honors College medallion: given to students who successfully complete the Honors College requirements; students wear this during WSU commencement ceremonies and keep them
  • Honors College gonfalon carrier: one graduating Honors College student will be chosen to carry the Honors College gonfalon at each WSU commencement ceremony
  • Honors Thesis – Pass with Distinction: announced at the end of each semester
  • Honors Thesis – Pass with Excellence: announced immediately following a thesis, if not nominated for Pass with Distinction
  • Certificate of Global Competencies: added to transcript after completion of certificate requirements and certificate is issued following student graduation

Other ways our students may be recognized at graduation:

  • Latin Honors – many of our students also qualify for Latin honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude) and will receive honor cords from their major departments that can be worn during WSU commencement ceremonies and keep them
  • Students may receive additional cords and other accessories to wear during graduation based on their involvement in various organizations and honor societies, such as Phi Beta Kappa
  • Students may carry the gonfalon for their academic college during WSU commencement ceremony