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Washington State University

Firsthand Global Experiences

Honors students are often eager to study abroad. They understand the messages they hear about the opportunities and responsibilities of global citizenship. They have learned about the increasingly competitive international marketplace. And they want to see other cultures and societies for themselves.

Studying abroad is an important aspect of education and there are many excellent opportunities for Honors students. A study abroad experience…

  • challenges your notions about other peoples and countries and yourself
  • provides deep and enriching intellectual experiences
  • creates awareness and understanding of diversity

All Honors students are encouraged to study abroad. A Certificate of Global Competencies is available for those completing certain requirements.

In recent years, about one-third of Honors students studied abroad at least once before graduation. Many students took classes in foreign languages. But with each new entering class, those numbers are rising…

  • in the 2012-13 academic year, 45% of the graduating Honors students studied abroad
  • in the 2011-12 academic year, 41% of our graduates studied abroad
  • for the entering class of Fall 2013, an impressive 77% of our freshmen studied a language other than English during their first semester at college
  • for the entering class of Fall 2012, 61% of our freshmen studied a language other than English during their first semester at college
  • numerous Honors scholarships help fund students’ international study

Working with WSU’s Education Abroad office in International Programs, Honors students study abroad in many nations. Every year, the opportunities expand.

Nam Nguyen to Study Abroad in Argentina

Nam Nguyen is in his third year of studies at Washington State University, where he is pursuing a double major in chemistry and international business, and maintains a 3.74 GPA. His next study abroad experience as a WSU student will take him to Argentina and Antarctica. Read More >>

Team Verde Wins WSU Global Case Competition

A faculty led experience to Manaus, Brazil during Thanksgiving. Three Honors students were part of the winning team of the WSU Global Case Competition. Read More>>

Team Verde in Manaus, Brazil

From Vikings to Open-faced Sandwiches:

Clinical Associate Professor Kim Andersen reflects on his June 2014 faculty-led program to Olso & Copenhagen More>>

students with professor Anderson holding Cougar flag

Faculty-led Experience to Northern Spain:

Click to read more about this 2013 trip to Barcelona, Burgos, Madrid, and more>>

group photo