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National Distinguished Scholarships

Students in the Honors College are encouraged to consider pursuing distinguished (sometimes called “prestigious”) national and international scholarships, such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, and Goldwater. Receiving such an award is not just an honor—it is a way to open doors to outstanding opportunities and to meet significant people from around the world in your field.

The Honors College partners with the WSU
Distinguished Scholarships Program

The Honors College expert on distinguished scholarships

Make an appointment to learn more and talk about your options:
Dr. Robin Bond, Assistant Dean, works with all Honors students seeking these special awards. She meets with aspirants one-to-one, organizes presentations by special guests, and has the most up-to-date information available at all times. She can be reached by email at or call the Honors College office at 509.335.4505 to set up an appointment.

Awards available to scholars across many disciplines

Prestigious scholarships are available to students from a wide range of academic disciplines, and the awards themselves are designed to prepare top scholars to impact and be leaders in certain areas of need critical to the nation. The Honors College helps you to identify those scholarships and fellowships that fit well with your academic achievements and career aspirations.

Explore additional competitive scholarships and opportunities:

Still frame from video: "Why apply for a Rhodes Scholarship?"

Image of Scholarship Application

The benefits of awards—even if you don’t win

Original article by Sharon Ann Holgate
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“One of the greatest benefits of preparing an award application is that it encourages early-career researchers to engage in personal and professional self-assessment.”

“Submitting an application for an award requires a certain degree of boldness, and those who are naturally shy or lack self-confidence shouldn’t let that get in the way of promoting themselves.”

Writing on a blank piece of paper with coffee

How to write a personal statement: 6 exercises to conquer writer’s block

Original article by Victoria Johnson
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“One of the biggest challenges to applying to a competitive fellowship is completing your personal statement or essay. A personal statement is a written description in essay form of your background, motivations, and interests in applying for the opportunity.”

“No matter how great a writer you are, that’s a tall order. Just the anticipation of writing a personal statement can cause writing paralysis, otherwise known as writer’s block.”