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Washington State University

Advisory Board

The Honors Advisory Board is made up of alumni and friends of the program that are committed to its tradition of excellence. Their personal and professional accomplishments provide a diverse set of inputs. The members of the group are called upon to offer guidance on a number of topics and issues.

  • Lindsey Elhart Baker
    Finance Associate, Global Health
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    (’14 Finance)
  • Victor Charoonsophonsak
    MBA Candidate
    Stanford Graduate School of Business
    (’17 Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ross Cook
    Senior Business Manager
    WW Commercial Business, Automotive Industry
    (’01 Mechanical Engineering)
  • Rossetti Farrell
    Admitted to practice in Utah only
    Not admitted to practice in California
    Cooley LLP
    (’14 Economic Sciences)
  • Andrew Flanagan
    Associate/Senior Engineer
    Interface Engineering Inc.
    (’04 Mechanical Engineering)
  • Geo Guillen
    Co-founder and COO
    Catena Biosciences
    (’11 Management Information Systems)
  • Kelly Herrell
    CEO, Hazelcast
    (’88 Business Administration)
  • Janece Herzog
    Administrator, Pacific Surgical, PC
    (’84 Business Administration/Accounting)
  • Ted Herzog
    Attorney/Partner, Tonkon Torp LLP
    (’84 Business Administration/Accounting)
  • Quynh Le, DO
    Surgeon, Virginia Mason Medical Center
    (’09 Biochemistry)
  • Lewis C. Lee
    Aon IP Solutions Group
    (’88 Electrical Engineering and Business Administration)
  • Dave McGoldrick
    Attorney/Partner, Law Firm of Morton McGoldrick P.S.
    (’65 Political Science)
  • Jessica (Caldwell) Nazario
    Sales Training and Development Manager
    Toyota Financial Services Corporation
    (’99 Communications)
  • Lindsay Sandler
    The Boeing Company
    (’13 Mechanical Engineering)
  • Kelley Sowards
    Head of Quality
    Eviation Aircraft
    (’93 Mechanical Engineering; ’07 M.A.Ed.)


  • Wayne Asmussen
    Microsoft Corporation
    (’86 Business Administration/Finance)
  • Carole Butkus
    President, Butkus Consulting
    (’65 General Physical Sciences, ’91 MBA)
  • Cassa Hanon
    VP of Developer Relations,
    Community and Content for Educative
    (’83 Computer Science)
  • Carl Hauser Associate Professor (Retired), WSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    (’75 Computer Science)
  • Kris Herzog
    Manager, Project Management Office, Comtech
    (’89 Business Administration/Marketing)
  • Diana Kirkbride
    Kindergarten Teacher (Retired), North Thurston Public Schools
    (’69 Education/Elementary Education)
  • Colin White
    Owner and Founder
    Carls Invest
    (’03 Business Administration/E-Commerce/MIS)
  • Rebecca Flanagan
    Estate & Tax Attorney, Flanagan Legal Services
    (’04 Political Science)

The Flanagan family“To me, WSU Honors means thoughtfulness and perspective. As a student and alumnus my involvement with WSU Honors prevents knee-jerk reactions to the various situations that life puts me in, and that calmness fuels my confidence to handle any situation.”

Andrew Flanagan (‘04)
Associate/Senior Engineer, Interface Engineering
Pictured with wife, Rebecca (‘04), and children

Dave McGoldrick“The WSU Honors College means to me the highest in academic achievement. It means for WSU students the opportunity to achieve the best education possible. It means for WSU the opportunity to showcase excellence in education and undergraduate research.”

Dave McGoldrick (’65)
Attorney, Law Firm of Morton McGoldrick P.S.

Cassa Hanon“As a student, I honed skills in discussion, research, and interpreting diverse viewpoints. It’s invaluable for WSU to have this offering that enriches the learning of students like me.”

Cassa Hanon (’83)
VP of Developer Relations,
Community and Content for Educative