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Washington State University

Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

The Honors College and the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture work together to offer students the knowledge, skills, connections, and real-world exposure they need to create solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. By combining their engineering curriculum that incorporates industry standard equipment and techniques with the critical thinking and people skills developed through the Honors College, our students graduate ready to inspire the world with new creations. Plus, opportunities for internships, research, leadership, entrepreneurship, and experiences abroad give our students the background to graduate ready for the work force, graduate, or professional school.

How to apply

Apply to Washington State University

Apply to the Honors College, indicating an interest in engineering or architecture or an area within the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

Read more about our current students

Alyssa NorrisAlyssa Norris

Alyssa Norris is an Honors College student in the Voiland College of Engineering, a Fulbright scholar, and a traveling researcher investigating energy problems facing the U.S. Alyssa’s interest in innovation and entrepeneurship have led her to experiences in study abroad, paid internship, and student government.
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Alyssa was appointed to the Board of Regents July 1, 2017, by Washington Governor Jay Inslee. A WSU senior, Norris is majoring in civil engineering and minoring in mathematics, ethics, and East Asia Studies. She is a member of the WSU Honors College.
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Daniel GotoDaniel Goto

Daniel Goto is a junior in the Honors College studying Electrical Engineering and Material Science Engineering. With the support of the Voiland College of Engineering and the Honors College, Daniel is creating an awesome college experience.
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Victor CharoonsophonsakVictor Charoonsophonsak

Victor’s decision to pursue an engineering degree was fueled by the strong sense of curiosity and an innate desire to problem solve that he developed while growing up in Alaska.
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Victor was recently featured in an article by the Seattle Times about preparing for the job market. Read more about how undergraduate research at WSU jump-started his career.
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2017 VCEA Outstanding Students

Congratulations to the 2017 VCEA Outstanding Students, all of whom are current members of the Honors College.

  • Outstanding Sophomore
    Madison Broers, Civil Engineering
  • Outstanding Junior
    Alyssa Norris, Civil Engineering
  • Outstanding Senior
    Ryan Summers, Computer Engineering, German

Read more about the Voiland College’s Outstanding Students, Faculty, and Staff Awards at WSU News >>

Honors Entrepreneurs

In the past two years eight students have founded five companies


Samuel Byrd, Bioengineering
Zane Duke, Bioengineering
Amber Graviet, Chemical Engineering


Emily Willard, Bioengineering

Protium Innovations

Elijah Shoemake, Mechanical Engineering


Amanda Scott, Strategic Communications – Public Relations
Monica Bomber, Chemical Engineering

Psylink Technologies

Philip Pitts, Computer Science and Chinese

Check out some of our recent grads

Carl Bunge

Carl Bunge

Patrick Gavin

Patrick Gavin

Elijah Shoemake

Elijah Shoemake