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Honors Scholarships

Requirements for a WSU Honors Scholarship

The WSU Honors College has a limited number of scholarships to award each year. Some scholarships are based on merit while others are based on financial need and/or other criteria

  • Each of our scholarship awards require that you are a current WSU Honors College student in good standing, and that you have submitted the general WSU Scholarship Application.
  • Incoming freshman do not apply through this application. Scholarships for incoming freshmen to the Honors College are awarded based on criteria gathered through the admissions process.
  • Need-based scholarships are determined by FAFSA.
  • Information about general WSU scholarships can also be found on the Student Financial Services website
  • All Study Abroad Scholarships must be applied for through the Global Learning Scholarship Application.

Application for Honors College Scholarships

Applications for the 2018-19 academic year will be open Nov. 1, 2017 – Jan. 31, 2018.

For more information, contact: Deb Howe.

Applications are currently closed.

Nam Nguyen
Student: Nam Nguyen
Home Town: Kent, Washington
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemistry and International Business
Scholarship: Honors College Education Abroad Scholarship

“While studying abroad, I am gaining a full sense of cultural differences and seeing how people in various countries look at the world. I also have the chance to experience many educational systems that will improve my learning pathway in the future.”

Photo of Nam is taken in Derry, Ireland during a Summer 2016 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program, Exploring the History, Culture and Environment of Ireland, Honors 370