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Honors’ Pass with Distinction

Highest-level thesis skills

Being awarded Pass with Distinction on an Honors thesis is truly an outstanding honor.

Students receiving Pass with Distinction have demonstrated that their writing, speaking, and research skills are of the highest level.

Multiple evaluators and steps lead to this award …

  • A student’s thesis advisor and the two thesis evaluators present at the oral presentation must unanimously agree that the work merits nomination.
  • A detailed letter of support is developed by the thesis advisor.
  • This nomination letter and the student’s thesis are reviewed by the Honors Council, that makes the final decision.

Student Highlights and Thesis Examples
Graham Dart performing his thesis

Music performance and economics major from the class of 2012 Graham Dart presented his thesis in Fall of 2011 and earned pass with distinction recognition.  His thesis, “New York Counterpoint: Exploring the Techniques of Taped Music,” included a musical performance that lasted several minutes.

Dart’s musical talents also landed him a 2012 Big Ten Senior award in the category of visual and performing arts.  The audio recording from his performance is available. Listen>>

The written portion of Dart’s thesis, as well as examples from a plethora of other Honors students from an array of disciplines, are available in hard copy in the Honors Library.

Most Recent PWD Recipients

Fall 2015:
  • Laura Abbott
  • Regan Siglin
Spring 2015:
  • Brianna Berg
  • Scott Blaine
  • Lance Kidder
  • Evan Klein
  • Miles Linde
  • Geddie Lojas
  • Samantha McInally
  • Natalie Nelson
  • Amanda Scott
  • Deven Seymour
  • Christina Street
  • Kristin Wedam
  • Megan Wurm
Fall 2014:
  • Nicholas Colby
  • Joey Redmon
Spring 2014:
  • Anna Breigenzer
  • Sarah Brewer
  • James Casey
  • Rossetti Celis
  • Jessica Colvin
  • Eric Desmarais
  • Daniel Foust
  • Chelsea Gilpin
  • Fiorella Grandi
  • Tristan Hanon
  • Sonja Larsen
  • Katherine Martucci
  • Haleigh Miller
  • Tina Miller
  • Thomas Pankau
  • Michele Reinelt
  • Jake Taylor
  • and Molly Wakeling
Fall 2013
  • Eric McElroy
Spring 2013:
  • Ryan Christian
  • Zachary Colburn
  • Catherine Erickson
  • Kate Fyrquist
  • Elizabeth Graham
  • Jordan Harris
  • Torvald Herzog
  • Nikkole Hughes
  • Tiffany Hylkema
  • Marley Iredale
  • Alisha McBride
  • Reed Omdal
  • Alyssa Patrick
  • Jessika Ratliff
  • Robert Warner
  • Megan Wilson