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Honors S. Town Stephenson Award

Recognition for excellence

Each semester the Honors Council designates a few graduating seniors as S. Town Stephenson (STS) Scholars.

This award is the highest recognition given by the Honors Council and is named after S. Town Stephenson, one of the chief architects and founders of the Honors Program in 1959-1960.

It is reserved for Honors graduates who have demonstrated academic excellence in courses within and outside their majors and have at least a 3.7 cumulative GPA.

Although academic achievement is very important, a high GPA does not by itself determine an STS Scholar. Other qualities might include …

  • involvement in extracurricular activities which indicate an investment of self beyond ordinary expectations
  • completion of unusual combinations of courses and activities that demonstrate a diversity of interests, talents, and commitments
  • evidence of growth and talent in and beyond a student’s field

Students must have completed all requirements for graduation to be considered for this award.

Recent Award Recipients

December 2015
  • Athena Lemon
  • Geddie Lojas
  • Joanna Redmon
May 2015
  • Brianna Berg
  • Travis King
  • Miles Linde
  • Kristen Wedam
  • Lauren Rachel Young
December 2014
  • Sonja Larson
  • Brian Schneider
May 2014
  • Lindsey Elhart
  • David Finkel
  • Chelsea Gilpin
  • Tristan Hanon
May 2013:
  • Lauren Eberle
  • Justin Englund
  • Amanda Feeney
  • Adrianna Franks
  • Elizabeth Graham
  • Thomas Hammett
  • Nikkole Hughes
  • Jeffrey Ladderud
  • Mikael McFeely
  • Beth Ross
  • Corri van Schijndel
  • Danica Wixom