Honors Student Kyle Strachila Named November Student Leader of the Month

kylestrachilaKyle Strachila is a Coug from humble beginnings on his family’s dairy farm near Bellingham, WA. He’s currently earning a degree in Economic Sciences with an emphasis in Agriculture, as well as minors in Business and Spanish. Kyle has been involved with ASWSU and Greek life for the past four years, serving multiple terms on the ASWSU Executive Staff and his fraternity’s Executive Board. Kyle strives to build upon successful programs as well as implement fresh new ideas to allow all Cougs to come together.

Elected as ASWSU Vice President in April 2016, Kyle has worked to establish a new path for ASWSU. He empowers his staff to be the best student leaders they can be, and not only delegates but is also willing to do what is needed to get the job done. Kyle firmly believes in the merits of servant leadership, and offers younger students some advice on beginning their leadership journey at WSU:

“Leadership is perceived in many different ways in society today, and growing up most of us were preached the importance of taking on leadership opportunities so it would look good on college applications and resumes. I feel this is what motivates many young leaders today, and is the exact opposite of how it should be. I’d be lying if I said at one point in my life I didn’t value leadership positions as a way to make myself look impressive and use it as a form of self-worth, but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized how futile that is and that the most important aspect of leadership, is servant leadership. To me servant leadership is fully getting behind the work of a project or organization, not necessarily directly, but by believing in the mission of what it is supposed to accomplish, and that it will be the most satisfying feeling when it is. Through servant leadership, credit of the success doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as the collective ideal is created. The best advice I can offer to younger students starting their leadership journey here at WSU is to find YOUR opportunity for servant leadership, find that mission that aligns with your life values and motives, and work towards accomplishing it without concerning yourself with who gets credit.” – Kyle Strachila