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March 26 – 30

Mon 3-26
Student Advisor Title
9am DS McKayla Wixom Robert D. Catena,
Gait and Posture Biomechanics LabPhyllis Erdman,
Educational Leadership, Sport Studies & Counseling/Educational Psychology
Therapy Induced Neuro-Plasticity: A Mechanism to Explain the Motor Benefits of Hippotherapy in Patients with Cerebral Palsy
10am GN Hiller, Sarah Ashley David Whidbee,
Finance and Management
A Comparison of Financial Literacy of College Students at Washington State University to the Nation and Why Financial Literacy is Important
11am DS Masterson, Hayley Ellen Phyllis Erdman,
Educational Leadership, Sport Studies & Counseling/Educational Psychology
Animal Loss and Grief Experience of Pet Owners: How to prepare pet owners for the end of life process
12pm JS Rose, Lacey Raquel Lisa Shipley,
School of the environment
The Effects of Plant Olfactory Cues on the Foraging Behavior of Mule Deer and White-tailed Deer
1pm JS Weaver, Alison Lynne Rodney Sayler,
Department of Natural Resource Science
Analyzing the Sustainability of Panthera Leo Reintroduction Conservation
2pm DS Wittenberg, Rachel Ada Kathy Beerman,
Biological Sciences;
The Effect of Food Preparation Methods on the Release of Iron from the Lucky Iron Fish and Subsequent Iron Enrichment of Foods
3pm KA Fish, Anastasia Mariam


Brendan Hobbs,
Military Science
Civil Military Relations: Case Study


Tue 3-27

Student Advisor Title
11am KA

CUE 512

Davis, Rachel Celeste Joann Dotson,
Washington State University College of Nursing Pre-licensure
Cannabis as a potential alternative to anticonvulsant therapy for pregnant women with epilepsy
1pm GN Kunze, Joanne E Jon Davis, Integratice Physiology and Neuroscience Cannabis-Induced Feeding Behavior: A Mechanistic View
3pm Arnold, Payton Ardel Stephanie Bauman, Department of Psychology Long-Term Psychological Effects on Childhood Cancer Survivors

Wed 3-28
Student Advisor Title


Investigating the backgrounds and triggers of Islamic “homegrown” terrorists in Western Europe
1pm GN Blomberg, Kyle Anders Cao Weiguo Foreign Languages and Cultures Impacts of the Overuse of Livestock Antibiotics on Human and Environmental Health in China



Thu 3-29

Student Advisor Title
9am  DS Stallman, Heidi Marie Thomas Preston at the Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs Department Far Right Populism: Applied Leadership Trait Analysis of Marine Le Pen and President Donald Trump
12pm KA Hiemstra, Alice Grace Keri E. McCarthy, Music Reeds for Real People: An Accompaniment Reed Guide for Beginning to Intermediate Oboe Reed Makers and Their Instructors


Fri 3-30

Student Advisor Title
12pm GN


Terrell 106

Forman, Laura Claire Janessa Graves,
Rural-Urban Disparities in Access to Medicaid Pharmacy Services in Washington State
1pm RB Heath, Erin Kelly Raymond Quock, Psychology


The Use of 50% N2O/50% O2 in the Suppression of Naloxone-Induced Withdrawal Signs in Morphine-Dependent Mice
2pm KA Young, Heather Ann Amber Adams Progar,
Animal Sciences
Behavioral and physiological responses to hot weather conditions in Holstein calves


April 2 – 6


Mon 4-2

Student Advisor Title
9am  DS Wilson, Audra Lynn Peter Meighan,
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience department
The Effects of Ethanol on Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Ion Channels and Their Function
10am RB Giffey, Lindsey Lee Karen Phoenix,
The American Impact: US Public Health in the Philippines After the War of 1898 to 1941
11am DS Nelson, Matthew Douglass Ilia Karatsoreos,
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience
The Effects of HPA-disruption on the PVN and PFC
12pm KA Lawrence, Allie Lynea Debbie Compeau,
MISE – College of Business


Technology: Creating a New Identity


1pm KA

Room 141

Skinner, Lauren Ruthann Andrew Perkins,
Marketing Department, Carson College of Business
Communication Competency: An in-depth look at Washington State University’s communication systems with incoming freshmen and transfer students

Room 141

Fernandes, Alysid Samantha Gizerian,
Phosphoramidate double-prodrugs for controlled release of L-Dopa
3pm KA Olson, Mattie Haigh Elizabeth Howlett,
Department of Marketing & International Business
Nutrition Advertising: Shopping Smarter in Today’s Marketplace
4pm DS Martin, Brittney Marie Lynn Schreyer,
Mathematics and Statistics
Towards a Mathematical Model of Refugee Movement


Tue 4-3

Student Advisor Title
9am DS Rice-Reynolds, Elizabeth Ann Steven Roberts,
School of Molecular Biosciences
Characterizing Modifiers of APOBEC Mutagenesis

Location ?

Pearson, Kaylee J Joann Dotson,
Pre-licensure Program Director

Kevin Stevens,
Director, Center for Clinical Performance and Simulation

A Literature Review of animal protein vs. plant protein impacts on cardio-metabolic risk factors
11am RB Gallaway, Sierra Daun James Pru,
Animal Sciences & Associate
Over-expression of PGRMC1 enhances triple-negative breast cancer growth
12am DS Taylor, Zachary Creed Bob Ritter,
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience Department
Y2-receptor-mediated increase in feeding following activation of Y2 receptors in the NTS
1pm KA

Pullman CUE 512

Summit, Sydnie Hope Linda Ward,
College of Nursing
False Positive Newborn Screenings: The Effect on Parents
2pm DS Fahr, Sarah Paige Michael Konkel,
Molecular Biosciences
Campylobacter jejuni: The Food-Borne Pathogen that Causes Severe Gastritis by Manipulating Intestinal Cells
3pm KA Kearny, Megan Lynn Greg Yasinitsky,
Defending Equal Treatment of Women Through Programmatic Music
4pm Dittmann, Katherine Miye Christine Oakley,
International Programs
Hospice Care in Rural and Suburban Settings: A comparative case study


Wed 4-4

Student Advisor Title
9am  DS Schnebly, Coleman David


Amit Dhingra,
The Necessity of Biotechnologies in Modern Agriculture and Their Role in Maintaining Yields Around the World
10am KA Phelps, Ashley Renae Johnny Lupinacci,
Teaching and Learning
Stranger Danger: Educational Activities Aimed to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
11am DS Carrell, Grace Frances Alan Goodman,
School of Molecular Biosciences
Drosophila melanogaster are used to study the innate immune response to West Nile virus
12pm JS Schulz, Marlow F Omar Cornejo,
Shool of Biological Sciences
Parasitology meets Etiology: Toxoplasmosis as a Potential Trigger for Autism Spectrum Disorder
1pm DS Trethewey, Sarah Dee Francene Watson,
College of Education
Potential Effects of Unequal Funding for Extracurricular Activities on Teacher Migration in Washington State
2pm RB Hedgcoth, Jason Jeffrey Gramlich,
Corporate Reputations and Effective Tax Rates
3pm KA Stephan, Emelia Ann Patricia Glazebrook,
School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs
Environmental Compliance and Business Operations Regarding Nuclear Waste
4pm KA McCord, Erica Ashley Kimberly Houser,
A Comparison of Acquisitions: Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple


Thu 4-5

Student Advisor Title
9am JS Connors, Corinne Elizabeth


Caren Goldberg,
School of Environment
Predator effects on basking behavior of juvenile and adult Columbia spotted frogs (Rana luteiventris)
10am DS Gill, Jagjeet Kaur Amit Dhingra,
Genes Involved in Aging
11am DS Neill, Deshka Lynn Ming Xian,
Chemistry Department- Organic Division
Chemiluminescent 1,2-Dioxetane Detection of Hydrogen Polysulfides
12pm RB Tegt, Bethany Ann Lisa Shipley,
Natural Resource
Climate Driven Behavioral Responses of a Small Alpine Mammal: The American Pika
1am KA Kuck, Abbigail Rey Carabeo,
Molecular Biosciences
The influence of Chlamydia trachomatis on gene expression f HPV in infected epithelial cells
2pm DS Frankovich, Bailey Jo Joe Harding,


The use of a subcutaneous injection of NDX-1001 to reverse scopolamine-induced amnesia in rats
3pm KA Blekkenk, Parker Bryan Ilia Karatsoreos,
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience


Examination of maladaptive prefrontal cortex response using varied stress intervals


4pm DS Stumvoll, Tynnetta Maryam Nancy Irlbeck,
Animal Sciences
More than Just a Pet: The Importance of Service Dogs


Fri 4-6

Student Advisor Title
9am DS Dubendorf, Isla Fionn Stephanie Hampton,
Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach
Examining the implications of ocean acidification in the Pacific Northwest: a systematic review analyzing trends and biases in OA research
10am RB Ott, Summer Elizabeth William Sischo,
Veterinary Medicine
Oligosaccharide Supplementation in Dairy Calves as a Means of Reducing AMR Bacteria on the Commercial Dairy Farm
11am KA Roberts, Sydney Claire Samantha Gizerian, Neuroscience The Effect of Prenatal Maternal Cannabis Exposure on Maternal Prenatal Self-Care and In Utero Neural Development
12pm DS Sutherland, Kathryn Amanda Samantha Noll,
School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs
Finding a Synthesis Between Animal Welfare and Animal Ethics in Veterinary Medicine
1pm RB Montgomery, Miriam Anne Amber Adams-Progar,
Animal Science


Effect of Handling on Dairy Cattle
2pm KA Lehal, Navjeet Kaur Walter Scott,
Self-Efficacy, Negative Life Events, and Trauma Symptoms in American Indian Youth
3pm RB Oliason, Hannah Michelle Bill Smith,
Director of the Martin Institute, University of Idaho
Universal Child Rights: A Critical Analysis of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
4pm DS Berkompas, Shelby Colleen Paul Kwon,
A Program Supporting Parents of Children Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria