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Washington State University

Exemplifying Honors’ mission and values

Awardees of the Dean’s Award have challenged themselves to…
  • develop their full potential to lead and serve local, national, and global communities
  • demonstrate genuine intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning
  • exhibit skills in critical thinking, writing, public presentation, and information literacy
They embody values of the Honors College including…
  • respect for diversity among individuals
  • high standards of scholarship and achievement
  • integrity, character, and moral responsibility
  • engagement with, and responsibility to, their community
  • independent thinking and intellectual risk-taking
  • creativity
  • global awareness and responsibility
  • a spirit of service and philanthropy

Recipients receive an engraved medallion and will also be commemorated by a tile placed permanently in Honors Hall Lounge.

Dean’s Award Recipients

May 2018
  • Keesha Matz
  • Alyssa Norris
December 2017
  • Ryan Summers
May 2017
  • Rebecka Bence
  • Ashley Huynh
December 2016
  • Matthew Waldrip
May 2016
  • Regan Siglin
  • Jansen VanderMuelen
December 2015:
  • Raeanne Marks
  • Philip Pitts
May 2015:
  • Evan Klein
  • Devon Seymour
December 2014:
  • Breanna Bence
May 2014:
  • Anna Breigenzer
  • Fiorella Grandi
  • Katherine Martucci
  • Marcela Rodriguez-Campo
May 2013:
  • Deven Tokuno
  • Evelyn Quezada