New One-Credit Workshop Announced: How to Get a Literary Agent/How to Be a Literary Agent

A One-Credit Workshop: English 358

Fall 2016 – November7-9

6:00-8:30 p.m. Bundy Reading Room, Avery Hall


In this hands-on class, veteran literary agent Taryn Fagerness will teach students how to attract a literary agent to their work and the pitfalls to avoid on their journey to publication.

Topics covered include:
the art of writing a proposal, how to put together a list of agents to
approach, how to write the all-important query letter. Ms. Fagerness, who is a graduate of the WSU Honors College, will also discuss how to get started in the publishing business as a career, sharing insider tips and offering insights from her 18 years in the industry.

To enroll, contact Lisa McCormick in Avery 202.