Scandinavia 2019 Travel Blog – June 30

By Kim Andersen

Last day after two weeks of intense travel and sight seeing. Now awaits the journals and the research papers on a variety of topics. Tomorrow morning we say goodbye to our hostel-ship af Chapman and Stockholm as we take the Arlanda Express to the airport and catch our various flights back to the US and elsewhere. I am fairly certain that these students have never before experienced such an intense program of museums and guided tours exposing them first-hand to many dimensions of past and contemporary culture. It is up to them to make something of it.

So, we took it easy today. We spent an hour in Medeltidsmuseet, the Medieval Museum, which interactively has recreated medieval settings underground next to Stockholm’s original excavated city walls. Superb museum, professional and pedagogical, and gratis, the best deal east of the Atlantic.

Then we packed and got ready for a 6 p.m. farewell dinner in the Old Town. The sun is still baking down over Stockholm and just a few hours until the alarm clock ring.

Students standing before a display showing a pewterer at work.
Micki and Belle in front of the pewterer display.
Students standing on the opposite side of a glass display case.
Kiera and Rivers admiring a model of Notke’s St. George statue.
A group standing next to a full size display of a man and a man riding a horse, both wear arms and armor.
Hana, Katie, Aiyana and Olivia by the knight talking horses.