Faculty Senate Approves New Honors College HABILE Certificate Program  

By Phyllis Shier, WSU Honors College, peshier@wsu.edu

On November 16, 2023, WSU’s faculty senate approved the Honors and Business Innovation and Leadership Experience (HABILE) certificate, created by HABILE Director and Associate Professor of Accounting Sue Gill. The HABILE program began in 2016 and since then has provided special opportunities for Honors College students in the Carson College of Business (CCB). Students gain knowledge, skills, connections, and real-world exposure preparing them for outstanding careers in business-related fields.

The new certificate will require 15 credits consisting of four core courses and electives from an approved list, along with the co-curricular requirements associated with the Carson Career Amplifier Program. HABILE students earn the new credential by completing selected Honors and CCB courses along with co-curricular business activities in the CCB Amplifier Program (which includes “Meet the Deans” events, research and professional presentations, mentoring programs, and networking events).

The certificate program will allow students to leverage CCB capstone courses to jump-start their honors theses.

“A formal certificate will result in tangible recognition of the HABILE students on their WSU transcripts,” HABILE Director Gill said. “It will also assist in marketing the program and identifying a group of top business students to our external constituents.”

Honors College business majors who are invited to join HABILE benefit from exclusive sections of the Honors First-Year Experience course led by CCB faculty, early access to high demand Honors courses in economics and accounting, special co-curricular activities in CCB, and scholarship support from the Honors College and CCB.

“We are very pleased with the faculty senate’s addition of the HABILE certificate program. This certificate will provide recognition to students for the focused work they’re completing and increase the visibility of the exciting partnership between the Honors College and the Carson College of Business,” Honors College Dean M. Grant Norton said.