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Each summer many of our students spread out from Pullman to points around the world. They are committed to making our world a better place. Whether they are exploring new science to meet global grand challenges in health care at Seattle’s Allen Institute for Brain Science or researching local availability of women’s health services in Dakar or working at the University of London on critical issues of human rights, poverty, and social change that confront two-thirds of humankind or conducting basic research on new fields of physics at Heidelberg University in Germany, our Honors College students are making a difference.

– M. Grant Norton
Dean, WSU Honors College


Honors sophomore Keesha Matz is working with Dr. Hector Aguilar-Carreno in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health to advance understanding of how the Nipah virus, one of the planet’s deadliest viruses, is transmitted.

Honors junior Chloe Erikson works with Dr. Brendan Walker in the Department of Psychology to understand the brain’s response to chronic alcohol and drug exposure with the goal of developing effective treatments for addiction.

These are just some examples of the important contributions being made by students in the Honors College at Washington State University.