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Washington State University

Thesis Presentation Registration

Before completing this form you must confirm with your Thesis Adviser and your evaluator that the dates you select will work with their schedule. Select a preferred date and time and an alternative date and time.

After completing the questions below, you will be notified shortly if the date and time you selected is available.

Please note:

  • Thesis Presentations  for Fall 2021 will be held during week 11 (November 1 – November 5), week 12 (November 8 – November 10; November 12) (Thursday November 11 is Veterans Day holiday)
  • Remember dates are offered on a first come first serve basis. Dates are removed as they become maxed out.
  • The thesis may be presented via ZOOM if approved by advisor. Advisor must fill out the permission form and it must be submitted via the online form below.

Please see here for full instructions and guidelines!
Please contact for any questions.