WSU student Ella Kisor named UCORE Ambassador Award recipient


May 5, 2022

MEDIA CONTACT: Clif Stratton, UCORE Director,

Beverly Makhani, DAESA Communications and Marketing Director,


PULLMAN, Wash.— Washington State University’s University Common Requirements (UCORE) Ambassador Award for 2022 was presented to student Ella Kisor, international business and Spanish major and member of the Honors College.

The award is given each year to one who has carried the spirit of general education to the WSU community.

Kisor is a member of the ASWSU student body executive staff and sits on the UCORE Committee and the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee.

Regarding the award, Kisor was praised for “being extremely attentive to, an involved in, the proposal to create an equity and justice requirement in UCORE, among other UCORE matters,” said Clif Stratton, UCORE director. She “asked pointed questions, raised concerns on behalf of students, and generally took part in the democratic process that is meant to produce these kinds of curricular changes.”

Said Stratton, “I have not in my brief time as UCORE director and slightly longer time as a UCORE Committee member encountered such an engaged ASWSU representative.”