What if every student could enroll in a MESI class…

Cooper Greenfield
Cooper Greenfield (’20 Human Resource Management)


“If every student on campus enrolled in a Mindfulness-Based Emotional and Social Intelligence (MESI) class to increase their self-awareness, empathy and leadership effectiveness we’d see a much brighter Pullman campus. The Cougs-help-Cougs mentality that we already see in our community is a great show of empathy and compassion already existing in Coug culture. Though, it has its limits. I think if everyone takes a MESI course, they can see that this Cougs-help-Cougs mentality can extend across the world and take on a deeper level of people-help-people. We are all seeking a meaningful life, free of suffering, where we can love/be loved, and be happy. These classes show us how much impact we have on each other as people and how much power we have to uplift those around us.”

To learn more about the MESI Certificate in Honors visit https://honors.wsu.edu/mesi/