WSU Honors Thesis Abroad Grant
Facilitated by WSU Global Learning (GL) and International Studies Abroad (ISA)

Who: Student: WSU Honors student interested in carrying out guided research on the impact of global learning on students. This could be related to reach of Global Learning to different student populations or on the desired outcomes of Global Learning activities. The student should know basic statistics. Supervisor: Kelly Newlon, Ph.D., Director of Global Learning ISA contact: Colton Oliphant, Regional Director of University Partnerships

When: The 2021 student grantee will be identified during the Fall 2021 semester. Research will happen under the guidance of Kelly Newlon before, during, and after the student’s related global experience (as respectively necessary) and the research project should be completed by April 2023. The full grant award of $5000 will be used to participate in a qualifying ISA international experience.

What: In appreciation of literature review, data gathering and statistical analysis, the student will receive a $5000 grant to be used toward any ISA program of the grantee’s choosing, but location should correlate to the specific thesis research project being undertaken (if applicable). The WSU Honors Thesis Abroad Grant is sponsored by ISA and must be used for an ISA program. The student must apply for and be admitted to the ISA program. Being a grant recipient does not guarantee admission to the chosen ISA program.

Where: The research shall take place in either Bryan Hall (non-COVID) or via on-line mechanisms. The ISA program can take place at any location offered by ISA and is contingent upon the student being admitted to that program.

How: With the assistance of Dr. Grant Norton, Dean of the Honors College, an RFP type application will be distributed among all Honors students and will be due October 1, 2021 to A candidate will be selected from the applicants on or near March 15, 2021. An agreement outlining general scope of work and responsibilities delegated to the respective parties and will be signed by WSU GL, ISA and the student.

Why; ISA desires to support and serve partner universities with impactful and strategic efforts. During the COVID era, ISA has sought a new model of utilization of funding made available to support student participation in ISA programs. To this end, it was decided that a primary need for WSU GL is assessment and knowledge about the impact of Global Learning programs, including but not limited to: study abroad, certificate, badge, and case study programs.

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