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Washington State University

Answering Your Questions!

What curriculum does the Honors College offer and will it work with my major?

The Honors College has an enriched 4-year curriculum that works with every student major to provide a wide breadth of knowledge.

What does an Honors College course look like?

We offer small classes with caring, experienced, enthusiastic faculty members dedicated to scholarship and learning in an interactive format. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, as well as further develop their skills in critical thinking, writing, public presentation, and information literacy.

What is the Honors community like?

Our community is made up of multifaceted engaged academics who are of high ability and talented. Honors faculty and staff work with students to develop their full potential and help promote their intellectual curiosity and a life-long love of learning.

How is Honors fulfilling its commitment to global learning?

The Honors College is serious in its international emphasis and commitment to connecting students to the greater world. We make this happen by opening up opportunities to students, such as chances to serve both local and national communities, study abroad, and foreign language competency.

Nearly 42% of recent Honors graduates studied abroad at least once during their undergrad career!

What options are available for undergraduate research?

Our Honors College students are actively engaged in undergraduate research, presentations, and even publications! The Honors Thesis or capstone projects in certain majors offer the opportunity for all students to pursue their own research and creative activity within an academic context, to work with a faculty mentor, and to present their work publicly.

Honors Opportunities, Partners, and Pathways!

Honors students have the unique ability to seek special opportunities offered both within Honors and through our available partnerships and pathways. Feel free to explore all of the below programs that Honors has to offer.

MESI Certificate

The MESI Certificate in the Honors College teaches happiness as a life skill and provides Honors students with the tools to improve their performance, relationships, health and happiness.

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Global Competencies Certificate

Earning a Certificate of Global Competencies helps to affirm your cross-cultural knowledge and demonstrates your commitment to international understanding and participation.

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Honors Student Advisory Council

HSAC aims to build a sense of community among students as well as organize various academic, service, and philanthropic events each semester.

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Honors College Mentors

Mentors strive to integrate the new freshmen students into the Honors community throughout the year by being resources to answer questions and by organizing activities where new friendships are forged.

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Honors College Ambassadors

Honors student ambassadors serve as liaisons between the college and prospective students and their families.

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Honors College Facilitators

This one-credit freshmen course is intended to help incoming students adjust to college life, to build a sense of community, and learn to work with the Honors curriculum.

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Leadership Programs

The Honors College First- and Second-Year Honors Leadership Programs are focused on helping students develop leadership and networking skills while making connections with engaging academic and industry leaders.

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Carson College of Business

The HABILE Program provides the knowledge, skills, connections, and real-world exposure students need to be ready for outstanding careers in business-related fields.

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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

This partnership offers a valuable experience providing the knowledge, skills, and understanding to prepare students for meaningful careers in medicine.

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Engineering, Computer Science, & Architecture

Honors and Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture work together to offer students the knowledge, skills, connections, and real-world exposure they need to create solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Honors Vet-Med Program

Through the Honors Pre-Admit Program in Veterinary Medicine, students can can gain early admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine DVM professional program and become a veterinarian in only seven years.

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Nursing Direct Admit Program

This partnership combines the benefits of a WSU Honors College experience with an accelerated pathway to a prestigious and competitive degree.

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Honors Scholarships

Available to help cover college expenses, undergraduate research, and study abroad, thanks to support from Honors’ alumni and friends.

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